How will this help my corporation?

The Donohue Mentoring System™ trains mentors, measures their shift in staff satisfaction, perception of leadership, and trust in brand. Although research can’t isolate the exact variable, we can say, based on strong correlations with existing studies, that The Donohue Mentoring System™ creates happier staff, subsequently increasing retention rates and productivity within units.

Why does this matter to C-Level executives?

The Donohue Mentoring System™ has been proven over the course of three years to:
1. Increase productivity: Increase leaders’ satisfaction with their work, the culture of their workplace, and their employer, subsequently increasing productivity and happiness at work. If leaders and their team members are happy, they are more productive and can reach lofty goals.
2. Create authentic conversations: Strengthen leadership skills orally and in the written word. The Donohue Mentoring System™ teaches leaders to listen and then react, not react and assume what others will say.
3. Provide mentees with an opportunity, not just a boss: Mentees reacted favorably to the system because they were able to understand, through the structure of the system, what was expected of them and work with someone who focused on their needs, enabling them to grow in their jobs and subsequently flourish in the organization. Mentoring programs without structure provide conversations but don’t provide plans for success.


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"Mary is a gregarious firecracker who gets the job done."

Paul Godfrey, CEO, Post Media

"Excellent customer service."

Derek Kent, Head of Corporate Communications NIKE Canada

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Mary is an influential advocate of ethical leadership and believes that mentoring and corporate social responsibility (CSR) work to deliver increased profits. Mary speaks about Change, Culture, Ethical Leadership and Mentoring.

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