What is it?

The Donohue Mentoring System™ is a rigorous, measurable system that takes mentoring seriously and produces more engaged, satisfied employees.

What does it do?

The Donohue Mentoring System™ takes traditional mentoring programs to a new level and provides a turnkey system for leaders who care about their employee’s success.

The Need

The well-educated and demanding Millennial generation especially benefit from organized mentoring to build loyalty and ensure retention. In smaller firms, staff growth occurs naturally through imitation and daily contact with managers. In larger firms, enriching relationships between those who lead and those they lead requires a program approach.

The Corporate Context: A Crisis of Trust Internally and Externally

Neither employees nor consumers believe corporations provide value to the community.

Corporate philanthropy is often distrusted - too often tied to marketing.

Younger employees are less interested in long hours and pressure. They want to belong to a company that has a defined sense of social responsibility.

Self-gain and focus on the bottom line is old school.

The transfer of trust and moral purpose in mentoring builds community capital.

Who Participates?

  • Mid-level managers and their younger staff members

  • Requires buy-in from senior executives to succeed

  • Upper level managers choose “mentors” and they choose their “mentees”

Mentors use our curriculum to help their mentees achieve their goals and to share their personal and work related experiences.

A Real Commitment

  • 20 minutes a week for one-on-one sessions

  • 16 week program with real impact

  • Ability to listen and be empathetic is essential

  • Mentors receive special professional coaching if required

  • Leadership can be learned and is enhanced by mentoring

Overview of Process

Pre Work

  • Baseline testing with Corporation

  • Mentor & Mentee pre-testing

  • Text book

  • Workshop

  • Leadership can be learned and is enhanced by mentoring

Program Begins

  • 16 weeks customized mentoring 20 min/week for 16 weeks

  • Mentor Tutors

  • Mentor & Mentee post-test

Next Steps

Contact Grace Bezaire, Account Director, to discuss how the Donohue Mentoring System™ can benefit your corporation. Grace can be reached at (416) 518-8458 or



The Donohue Mentoring System

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Dr. Mary focuses on mentoring, leadership, change and culture. She is particularly interested in millenials and their effect on North American leadership. Mary is the founder of the National Mentoring Program, a nationwide initiative that was dedicated to helping students and businesses connect through charity.

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