Dr Mary Donohue

Dr. Mary designs systems that train ethical leaders. She helps corporations reach their objectives through a licensed training program The Donohue Mentoring System™, enabling people to lead when no one is listening. This is particularly useful when working with “millennials.”

Mary boasts a history of achievement in CSR, public relations, and leadership, evidenced by the sales growth her efforts have realized, and by her rapid advancement with such companies as MolsonCoors, Standard Broadcasting, Miller, Honda and Nike and by the many awards she has received in her career.

Mary is a columnist for the Financial Post, and has written for international magazines on leadership, CSR and mentoring issues. Her television experiences include, GlobalTV, business correspondent for CP24, and host of Rogers Daytime.

Dr. Mary’s first book, E-Commerce Made Easy, was a top seller in 2000. Her second book, about leadership, was written with Jack Canfield and Deepak Chopra. Mary’s latest book is titled The Donohue Mentoring System™. She earned her doctorate from Central Michigan University and interned with Paul Newman and his Hole in the Wall Camps.

Areas of Research

Dr. Mary focuses on mentoring, leadership, change and culture. She is particularly interested in millenials and their effect on North American leadership. Mary is the founder of the National Mentoring Program, a nationwide initiative that was dedicated to helping students and businesses connect through charity.

What is Mary doing today?

Currently, Dr. Donohue teaches corporate social responsibility at Dalhousie University’s Faculty of Graduate Studies. She also teaches logic and research at Ryerson University, Early Childhood Studies, in Toronto. At the Sam M. Walton College of Business, University of Arkansas, Department of Executive Education, Dr. Mary is their in-house mentoring expert.


Mary has been nominated for The Globe and Mail’s Top 40 under 40, earned Canada’s Centennial Achievement Medal for her philanthropic work, and awarded both the Premier’s Award for Volunteer Achievement and Canada’s Birthday Achievement Award.

Volunteer Work

Mary was the cofounder of “Save the Children’s Studios” a police initiative to help children who have been abused. She sits on the board of Operation Herbie. She is a past board member of Variety Village (The Children’s Charity), ProAction, Food Buddies, Toronto East General Fundraising Committee, Day Care Connection, and has worked directly with FTAP, a group dedicated to keeping young men out of gangs.

What Clients Say

"Mary is a gregarious firecracker who gets the job done."

Paul Godfrey, CEO, Post Media

"Excellent customer service."

Derek Kent, Head of Corporate Communications NIKE Canada

Past Clients Include:

Molson Coors
Standard Broadcasting
University of Toronto, HHR Chair



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In the News

"Want to increase your sales?
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Fun Facts About Mary

Dr. Mary was once on stage with Diana Ross.

She made her movie debut with Toronto Mayor David Miller.

She pulled Paul Newman out of an Indy car.

The only time she has been unable to speak was when she met Robert Kennedy Jr.

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